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Leading CFD, FEA and Acoustic Analysis Consultants

Global Simulation Consultants for Advanced CFD, FEA & Acoustic Analysis Services to Help Solve Complex Engineering Problems

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Services Offered
  1. Pedestrian Comfort & Wind Engineering
  2. Cooling tower & chiller yard Re-circulation Study.
  3. UTCI & Shading Analysis
  4. Thermal Comfort CFD Analysis
  5. Flue dispersion Modelling
  6. Smoke and Evacuation Modelling
  7. Thermal Energy Storage Tank Design
  8. Acoustic Modelling
  9. Piping Stress & Support design
  10. Surge Analysis
Services Offered
  1. Single & Multiphase Separator CFD and FEA Analysis
  2. API 650 AND 620 Storage Tank Mechanical and Structural Design.
  3. API 674 AND API 618 Based Pulsation and Mechanical Vibration Study.
  4. Root Cause Analysis
  6. Piping Stress & Support design
  7. Surge and Slug Analysis
  8. Mixer and Agitator Design Analysis
  9. Maldistribution Study
  10. FEA for Pressure Vessel and Internals
Services Offered
  1. CFD Modelling of coagulation chambers, flocculation & sedimentation basins
  2. Flow distribution through filters & screens inside the tanks & channels
  3. Pumping Station optimization
  4. Separation Analysis
  5. Mixing Process Analysis
  6. Design Optimization of Downcomer and Cyclone Inlet Ducts
  7. Design Verification and Validation of De-duster, ESP, Silo
  8. Piping Stress & Support design
  9. Surge and Slug Analysis
  10. Boiler Analysis
Services Offered
  1. Data Hall CFD analysis
  2. Chiller Yard & Cooling tower recirculation study
  3. Flue Dispersion Modelling
  4. Hot and Cold Aisle Arrangement
  5. TES & Buffer Tank Design
  6. Generator, UPS and DRUPS Room Analysis
  7. Acoustic Modelling
  8. Piping Stress & Support design
  9. Seismic & Vibration Analysis

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Latest Best Practices Handbooks

eBook: Piping Stress Analysis in Buildings

28 pages of practical understanding and application of pipe stress analysis, from objectives to procedure and challenges, accompanied by an exclusive case study!

What’s Inside?

  • Basic Understanding of Pipe Stress Analysis and Competences
  • Pipe Stress Analysis Procedure With a Flow Chart
  • Objectives of Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Critical Challenges Faced During the Process
  • Case Study Along With the Reference List of Selected Projects
eBook: CFD Modeling in Generator / DRUPS / Transformer Rooms

An in-depth look into CFD modelling for Generator/DRUPS/ Transformer rooms, covering the challenges in using CFD/FEA to achieve proper ventilation, an an exclusive case study of a DRUPS Room, all in 25 insightful pages

What’s Inside?

  • Introduction and Diferences in Between a DG and DRUPS Room
  • Purpose and Method Behind Ventilating a Generator Room
  • Key Challenges in Achieving Proper Ventilation Airflow and How CFD can Help With It
  • Case Study of a DRUPS Room
eBook: The Role of CFD Modeling in Cement Plants

38 pages covering every aspect of a cement plant – its working & challenges, to the role of CFD in helping overcome them & the subsequent steps involved.

What's Inside?

  • Materials and the Working of a Cement Plant Along With its Manufacturing Process.
  • Role of CFD in Dealing With the Challenges in a Cement Plant.
  • Common Issues in Cement Manufacturing Process and How CFD can Help Overcome them.
  • Time Required and the Phases of CFD in Cement Plants.

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As a FEA & CFD Company, Mechartés focuses on providing accurate simulation results with a professional approach and an engineering mindset. Our clients are delighted with the results we deliver. Our advanced methods, simulation algorithms, computing power, and over 16+ years of experience, enable us to do so.

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