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eBook: Role of CFD Analysis in Designing an Energy-Efficient Mosque

Understand the influence of  airflow and temperature distribution inside a mosque, and how CFD analysis can help cut energy costs significantly.

What’s Inside ?

  • Critical role of CFD in ensuring temperatures of 23 degrees inside the mosque, while ensuring relative humidity is close to 50%.
  • Key factors that impact the airflow in the mosque and how to fix them using correct CFD analysis.
  • How it can help in reducing overheating or overcooking of the prayer halls, thus significantly saving energy costs.
eBook: Acoustic Assessment of Mechanical Equipment in Occupancy Areas

Learn how Acoustic Assessment of Mechanical Equipment helps understand the noise impacts from all the sound-generating mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) units inside the buildings to ensuring safety and soundness in occupancy areas.

What’s Inside?

  • Conducting an Acoustic Analysis for a Building

  • Assessing Noise Levels for the Entire Building
  • Creating Three-Dimensional Acoustic Models of Each Tower

  • Providing Optimal Solutions and Design Recommendations to Minimize Noise Generated by MEP Units

eBook: Thermal Comfort CFD Analysis

Key insights on how to optimise HVAC Design for Malls, Atria, Airports, Mosques, Temples, and Churches with Thermal Comfort CFD Analysis.

What’s Inside ?

  • Contributions from industry experts with years of experience in HVAC design and CFD analysis.
  • Importance of parameters such as air temperature, air velocity, and relative humidity to optimize thermal comfort.
  • In-depth study on how to maintain the optimal temperature and relative humity in buildings.
eBook:Optimize Data Center Performance with External CFD Analysis

Get intsights into how hot air impacts the chillers’ performance and take measures to reduce it with the help of External CFD Analysis of Data Center Buildings, along with the study of the dispersion of pollutant emissions in the nearby pedestrian area by analyzing flue gas properties, including NOX and SOX levels.

What’s Inside?

  • How hot air impacts the chillers’ performance and take measures to reduce it

  • Understanding the dispersion of pollutant emissions in the nearby pedestrian area by analyzing flue gas properties, including NOX and SOX levels

  • Detailed 3D Model of the Entire System was Preparation in CFD Software

  • Steady State CFD Simulation
  • Recommendations Based on the CFD Analysis

eBook: Multiphase CFD Simulation for Separators Pressure Vessel

Know how to maximize efficiency in Pressure Vessel Design with Multiphase CFD Simulation for Separators and how it is helping the Oil and Gas Industry.

What’s Inside?

  • Introduction to Multiphase Separator Analysis

  • Multiphase Separator Terminology

  • Strategies and Models for Simulation of Multiphase Fluid Flows

  • Why CFD Should Be Part of Your Separator Design
  • Case Studies: Multiphase/Transient CFD Analysis Flow Inside Separator Pressure Vessels

eBook: CFD Modeling Generator / DRUPS / Transformer Rooms

An in-depth look into CFD modelling for Generator/DRUPS/ Transformer rooms, covering the challenges in using CFD/FEA to achieve proper ventilation, an an exclusive case study of a DRUPS Room, all in 25 insightful pages

What’s Inside?

  • Introduction and Diferences in Between a DG and DRUPS Room
  • Purpose and Method Behind Ventilating a Generator Room
  • Key Challenges in Achieving Proper Ventilation Airflow and How CFD can Help With It
  • Case Study of a DRUPS Room
eBook: CFD Modeling in Cement Plants

38 pages covering every aspect of a cement plant – its working & challenges, to the role of CFD in helping overcome them & the subsequent steps involved.

What's Inside?

  • Materials and the Working of a Cement Plant Along With its Manufacturing Process.
  • Role of CFD in Dealing With the Challenges in a Cement Plant.
  • Common Issues in Cement Manufacturing Process and How CFD can Help Overcome them.
  • Time Required and the Phases of CFD in Cement Plants.
eBook: Piping Stress Analysis in Buildings

28 pages of practical understanding and application of pipe stress analysis, from objectives to procedure and challenges, accompanied by an exclusive case study!

What’s Inside?

  • Basic Understanding of Pipe Stress Analysis and Competences
  • Pipe Stress Analysis Procedure With a Flow Chart
  • Objectives of Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Critical Challenges Faced During the Process
  • Case Study Along With the Reference List of Selected Projects
eBook: Data Center Design Best Practices

56 pages revealing the 😲 secrets 🤫 to what makes an ideal, future proof data center.

What’s Inside?

  • A white paper on industry standards
  • Essential Data Center Components
  • Best Practices for Designing a New Data Center
  • Best Practices for Redesigning an Existing Data Center
  • Action-packed Insights By Industry Experts
eBook: Pedestrian Thermal Comfort Best Practices

Everything you MUST know about the critical role of CFD analysis in Outdoor Pedestrian & Thermal Comfort Analysis.

What’s Inside?

  • Importance of Thermal Comfort Analysis

  • The Role of CFD and Why is it Critical

  • Benefits of Outdoor/Pedestrian 
    Thermal Comfort Analysis 

  • Best Practices for a Successful and Accurate Outdoor and Thermal Comfort Analysis

  • Action-packed Insights By Industry Experts

eBook: Pulsation Analysis Best Practices

36 pages on everything you need to know about the causes of pressure pulsation, its effect into the Reciprocating pumps/compressors, and into the piping system and its remedies as per API standards.

What’s Inside?

  • Understanding Pulsation Phenomenon in Reciprocating Pumps/Compression Systems
  • Importance of API Standards – API 618 & API 674
  • Steps to mitigate the Pulsation & Mechanical Vibration effect with ref. to Different Design Approach (2 and 3)
  • Action-packed Insights By Industry Experts
eBook: Hot Air Recirculation Cooling Towers and Chillers

24 Pages full of insights by industry leaders, covering every aspect on cooling towers and chillers and how CFD analysis can help avoid heat re-circulation and subsequent problems.

What’s Inside?

  • The Key Role of Cooling Towers & Chillers

  • How Power Consumptions Differ Between Cooling Towers & Chillers

  • Common Problems in District Cooling Plants and How CFD Can Aid in the Design Stage

  • Notable Case Studies on Cooling Towers and Chiller Yards

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